''Altair Air'' LLP (Boraldai Airport)

Kazakhstan, Airport Boraldai
+7 (727) 386 39 86
“Altair Air” LLP is the owner of Boraldai Airport that is located 5 km the north-east from Almaty on the territory of 73,039 hectares.
Airport Boraldai is an ideal place for basing and flight operations for light and ultralight aircraft.
The property complex includes the following establishments:

  • Air terminal with the area of 1,892 square meters
  • Runway with an artificial covering in length of 1,460 meters and width of 34 meters
  • Two taxi ways in width of 18 and 14 meters
  • Apron
  • Aircraft parking area with an artificial covering for airplanes of 3-4 class and all types of helicopters
  • Industrial building of technical maintenance base with the area of 1,981 square meters with all auxiliary industrial premises intended for performance of maintenance service of aircraft and helicopters at any time of the year
  • Repair workshops
  • Building of aerophotofilm-making service with laboratory and the equipment for performance of aerophotofilm-making works
  • Two administrative office buildings with the area of 2,410 square meters
  • Territory for handling of special aircraft ground equipment with premises for accommodation of FTA staff, with boxes for storage and service of special equipment
  • Premises for allocation of first-aid post, communication units, and dispatcher controlling services
  • Service and household premises and constructions
  • Petroleum Products warehouse for storage of light and dark mineral oil products and oils in the capacity of 3,400 tons
  • Railway stub station on 6 cars-tanks of simultaneous unloading with two pipelines up to a warehouse
  • Hotel
  • Material warehouses
  • Necessary airport equipment for safe flight operations from the Boraldai airfield.

''Aircraft Repair Plant № 405'' JSC

Kazakhstan, Almaty, Akhmetov Street 17
+7 (727) 257 23 43
“Aircraft Repair Plant № 405” Joint Stock Company (“ARP-405” JSC) has many years of experience in technical maintenance and overhaul of Mi and Ka helicopters. As of today, it is the leading certified aircraft repair enterprise in Central Asia capable of providing modern types of integrated technical and logistical support of the aircraft equipment’s life cycle.
“ARP-405” JSC is situated in Almaty (the Republic of Kazakhstan) and has favorable geographic location for performance of its primary activities.
“ARP-405” JSC has been specializing in maintenance and repair of aircraft equipment for 70 years. The history of maintenance and repair of helicopters at the enterprise is over 30 years, and more than 15 years have been dedicated to repair and modernization of military and civil Mi helicopters. Helicopters, put back into operation thanks to the plant’s efforts, are successfully operated in Asia, Europe and Africa.
Currently “ARP-405” JSC has all necessary normative and legal documents, confirming the company’s right to perform a list of works on technical maintenance, overhaul and upgrade of Мi-8, Mi-8МТ, Mi-17, Mi-8МТV-1, Mi-17-1V helicopters of all modifications.

“Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant” JSC, the designer of “Mi” helicopters, issued the Certificate of Repair Organization to our enterprise, which affirms its compliance with requirements of regulatory and technical documentation for overhaul of Мi-8, Мi-8МТ (Мi-17), Мi-8МТV-1 (Мi-17-1V) helicopters of all modifications.

The enterprise was certified as consistent with requirements of Aviation Rules AP-145.1 of the Aviation Registry of the Interstate Aviation Committee.

Quality management system of the enterprise was certified as matching with requirements of the International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 by the international auditor “ТUV NORD CERT”.

The enterprise has State Licenses for repair, sales, disposal and processing of weapons and military equipment. The enterprise performs its production operations in close and fruitful cooperation both with the prime designer of helicopters – “Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant”, and with major producers “Kazan Helicopter Plant” JSC and “Ulan-Ude Aircraft Plant” JSC.

On 24 of September, 2009 “Russian Helicopters” JSC (Moscow, Russia), the managing company of the Russian helicopter production industry, and “ARP-405” JSC signed an Agreement “On general principles of cooperation in the area of technical maintenance and repair of helicopter equipment”, enabling the plant to ensure prompt and accessible complex support of airworthiness of Russian helicopters for the benefit of Customers.

Currently the enterprise established partnership relations directly with producers or official representatives of the leading world designers and producers of aviation piloting, navigation and radio equipment. Installation of the most up-to-date equipment allows to significantly expand the range of military and civilian objectives performed by Mi helicopters, turning them into universal flying machines capable of operating twenty four hours a day under any weather conditions in any geographic areas.

The enterprise is located over an area of more than 70 thousand square meters next to the International Almaty Airport. Production facilities, equipped with all necessary technical means and accessories, cover over 18 thousand square meters. They can be used for overhaul, technical maintenance and modernization of up to twenty Mi-8/17 helicopters at the same time. Around 250 skilled specialists work at the factory, including a crew of highly professional test pilots of MI-8/17 helicopters .


  • Complete overhaul;
  • Periodic maintenance works according to flying hours (after every 300, 500 and 1,000 flying hours), and calendar time (after every 6, 12 and 24 months of operation), including subsequent warranty maintenance of operation and support of airworthiness until regular periodic maintenance (warranty policy covers power equipment within limits set by the manufacturer or repair organization);
  • Conversion of military types of Mi-8TV (IV, PKP, Mi-9) and Mi-8MT helicopters to civil versions Mi-8T and Mi-8MTV-1 accordingly;
  • Engineering services: assessment of technical condition of Mi-8/17 type helicopters and their assemblies; accomplishment of a range of works aimed to extend specified / overhaul periods and service life of these helicopters and assemblies (in partnership with designers / manufacturers of the extension object);
  • Adaptation of helicopter’s instrumentation and lighting (external and internal) equipment for use of night vision goggles;
  • Upgrading and conversion of military and civil helicopters into passenger, transportation, water bomber, search and rescue, medical, convertible, VIP and other versions, and installation of additional radio communication, television and infrared camera equipment, including, but not limited to:
  • Satellite positioning equipment GPS155XL, GPS296;
  • Complex navigation satellite system GNSS and provision of instrumental flight and runway approach VOR/ILS GNS430AW with GI106A indicator;
  • Radio range finder KN62A;
  • Radar responder KT76C with encoding foot-graduated altimeter UI5035 (KEA130);
  • Meteorological radar RDR2000 with multi-functional display KMD850;
  • Marker receiver KR21;
  • Radio station VHF/FM (140-157, 95 MHz) “Motorola GM 360”;
  • Emergency location transmitter of “KOSPAS-SARSAT” ARM-406P system;
  • Altitude finding radar A-037 (with scale from 0 to 750 m) instead of RV-3;
  • Standby (third) gyro horizon AGB-3К ver.3, including installation of power failure alarm SNP-1 and aircraft roll control unit BKK-18;
  • Digital recorder BUR-1-2 ver.2 instead of SARPP-12D1М;
  • Additional emergency exits between frames 11 and 12 on the left and right sides of helicopter;
  • Passenger seats 8AP-7509-5100 (maximum up to 26 passenger seats);
  • External additional fuel tanks VDB.6130.200;
  • External load with carrying capacity up to 4 tons;
  • Emergency splashdown system SAP.4100.000;
  • Oxygen equipment KKO-LS2 (with masks КМ-32AG);
  • Oxygen equipment BKP-2-2-210 (with masks DKM-1);
  • SX16 or SX16IFCO (with IR-filter) Searchlights;
  • External loudspeaker warning system PSAIR22;
  • Optoelectronic surveillance system (type as agreed with the Customer);
  • Satellite tracking terminal Inmarsat AERO-C TT-3024;
  • Satellite phone communication terminal with Inmarsat AERO-M TT-3000;
  • Satellite communication system Aero HSD+ (secure link / Internet / E-Mail / 3-channel phone – fax / mini telephone exchange / remote access from helicopter to land-line (local) computer network / real-time data package communication (including video images from the TV camera and IF imager) through ISDN channels with the speed up to 128 Kbit/second);
  • Multicast satellite communication system Aero SB+ (secure multi-channel phone communication / fax / real-time data communication (including video images from the TV camera and IF imager) /high-speed Internet / E-mail / IP-telephony through satellite communication channel with the data flow speed up to 432 Kbit/second).
  • Adaptation of standard radio stations “Baklan-20” to ICAO requirements for extended range of use of 118,000 – 136,975 MHz and frequency spectrum discretion of 8.33/25 KHz;
  • High-quality painting of various aircraft (all types of helicopters, planes of Yak-40, An-24/26/30, Tu-134, etc.) with certified polyurethane enamels;
  • Preparation for transportation and loading of MI-8/17 helicopters to cargo cabin of Il 76 or An-124 airplanes;
  • Transportation of helicopters and airplanes by road, loading of helicopters and airplanes onto railroad transport;
  • Complex delivery of aviation equipment (light and medium helicopters of Russian or Western production, various configurations and purpose), including training of cabin crew and technical personnel, delivery of SPTA and ground equipment, including subsequent warranty and post-warranty technical support of operation and continuing airworthiness of helicopters.

At the present time “ARP-405” JSC in partnership with “Klimov” JSC successfully run the program of local repair of TV3-117 engines of all modifications (including replacement of compressor and turbine blades), which enables to rebuild their working capacity and technical parameters within previously established service life limits. Favorable customs legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan allows to reduce engine’s repair period down to one month provided this service is performed locally in Almaty.

  • Certificate of Repair Organization confirmed by “Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant” (initial issuance date – 3 of November, 2006), on the plant’s compliance with requirements of normative and technical documentation for overhaul of helicopters Mi-8Т, Mi-8P, Mi-8PS, Mi-8МТ, Mi-17, Мi-8МTV-1, Mi-17-1V and their modifications;
  • Certificate of Repair Organization confirmed by Air Registration Board of the Interstate Aviation Committee (initial issuance date – 9 of April, 2003), on the plant’s compliance with requirements of the Aviation Rules, paragraph 145, for of helicopters Mi-8Т, Mi-8P, Mi-8PS, Mi-8МТ (Mi-17), Мi-8МTV-1 (Mi-17-1V) and their modifications;
  • Certificate issued by the international auditor TUV NORD CERT, on compliance of the plant’s management system with the standard ISO 9001:2008;
  • Certificate of Conformance confirming compliance of aviation equipment’s repair and technical maintenance services with Certification Requirements for Organizations Performing Repair and Technical Maintenance of Air Transport, approved by the Decree of the Chairman of Civil Aviation Committee of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 01.09.2004 No.5;
  • State General License for the right “to develop, produce, repair and sell weapons and ammunition, military equipment, spare parts, components, instruments, provided they are not used in other industries, and special materials and equipment for their production, including assembly, checkout, use, storage, repair and service maintenance” issued by the Industry and Technological Development Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • State General License for the right “to liquidate (destroy, dispose) and reprocess released defense products” issued by the Industry and Technological Development Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • State License for the right “to handle ionization radiation sources” issued by the Atomic Energy Committee of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

''Aircraft Repair Plant № 406 CA'' JSC

Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Aktobe Airport
+7 (7132) 22 78 01

The plant was established in 1939 as aircraft-repair workshops. Basic production of the plant is repair of Mi-2 helicopters, An-2 aircraft, Yak-18T aircraft, Ash-62 engines, GTD-350 engines, M-14P engines and VR-2 reducers.

The condition of elements of the production, supervising documents and technological documentation of “ARP-406 CA” JSC corresponds to the certified requirements, established by Aviation rules, with reference to the declared types of repair works on aircraft and helicopters, engines and aggregates.

For realization of production activity all corresponding licenses and certificates are received:

  • General State license of the Civil Aviation Committee of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan for aircraft maintenance and repair services
  • Certificate of conformity of the Civil Aviation Committee of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan series for realization of services on aircraft maintenance and repair
  • Certificate of the repair organization of Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC)

“APR-406 CA” JSC has its own industrial buildings and constructions, warehouse, service and household premises and are provided by all kinds of energy necessary for performance of all kinds of works on aircraft repair and maintenance service. The plant also is provided by own means of aircraft ground service, machinery, control, monitoring, testing and measuring equipment, instruments and other special equipment for aircraft repair and maintenance.